TZMI Congress 2017 - Registrations Now Open

13 November 2017

The world's premier Titanium and Zirconium conference.

11th Annual TZMI Congress
13 to 15 November 2017
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong


Registrations Now Open

Early Bird pricing ends 31 July

The TZMI Congress will provide delegates with an opportunity to be up to date with the latest sentiment and developments in the titanium and zircon value chains.

•    TiO2 pigment - strong demand and supply concerns
•    Titanium feedstocks - strong growth in demand and production
•    Zircon - supply and demand tightening
•    Industry response to supply and demand constraints
•    New mineral sands project development - when and what does this mean for the industry?
•    Industry consolidation and merger activity - impact and implications

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Expression of Interest to present

If you are interested in presenting at the TZMI Congress please submit the topic details and brief overview. If you would like to recommend a speaker please also submit their details. Areas of interest include information, developments and advancements across:

- Mineral sands producers
- TiO2 pigment
- End-use titanium and zirconium markets
- Zircon
- Titanium metal
- New projects
- Regional focuses
- Sustainability

Direct Expression of Interest to Tracey McBain at