Market Research

TZMI assists clients to understand various sectors by industry and geography and impact on the global marketplace.

Market Research

Over the years a variety of assignments have been conducted for clients of all sizes and from around the world. The focus has ranged from TiO2 pigment in China to the global coatings market. Each assignment has received very positive client feedback and TZMI is confident that we have the resources and experience to always conduct accurate and in depth research.

Accurate research isn’t an accident.

To ensure the accuracy of every assignment, TZMI takes specific steps:

Requirements mapping. TZMI approaches research projects with the end in mind. In addition to the hypotheses we have developed, our industry contacts and potential participants will contribute ideas and requirements. These requirements are then broken down into questions and mapped to a set of long and short questionnaires used in a primary survey of the industry.

Sampling. A statistically meaningful sample of interview targets is calculated from basic industry sizing and concentration. As the effective sample size falls with greater and more complex questions, some segments are allocated more interviews than others.

Weighting. TZMI uses a probability weighting based on size. For example a company producing two tonnes of pigment has twice the weighting than a company producing one tonne. This influences, among other items, sample averages.

Sample bias. The sample will be biased towards the characteristics of larger producers. This has been factored into final calculations.

Overall Management. We manage the research providers, design and test the models; and attend in-person interviews.