Technical Consulting

TZMI provides specialist technical consulting for all aspects of the global titanium and zirconium industries.

Technical Consulting

Technical Reviews and Audits

With a large and diverse operating experience across nearly all titanium mineral and pigment operations around the world, TZMI and its subsidiary companies are in a position to efficiently identify areas for improvement in the areas of cost, quality and throughput. TZMI has proven experience in developing operating cash cost forecasts for the titanium minerals and pigment industries, which have been used in nearly all of the major industry transactions over the last five years.

TZMI regularly executes due diligence studies, feasibility studies and independent expert reports for both industry participants, potential new entrants and financiers, as well as for other titanium feedstock and pigment transactions.

Resource Assessments

As the world financial climate varies and project funding is widely sought after, investors are seeking to minimise risk during the initiation of new projects as well as in the expansion of existing operations. TZMI’s extensive practical experience in assessing and analysing mineral sands resources enables a “fast track” review of potential projects. This includes formulation of a production and cost competitiveness model which can be used to benchmark the resource against existing mineral sands operations.

The financial model of the proposed mineral sands operation can also be used to provide detail on the capital and operating costs associated with the mining of a new deposit or the expansion of an existing mining operation. Optimisation of the mine plan allows for the maximisation of project potential with the output of the assessment used to optimise project returns and establish strategic direction.

TZMI recognises the industry’s unique sampling and analytical techniques that are required to address JORC-compliant resource assessments and several TZMI directors are “competent persons” for the purpose of resource evaluation statements. TZMI also prepares long term projections of supply, demand and price and can provide a focused market assessment using a detailed analysis of the final product quality and marketability.

Physical Separation Testwork

Much of TZMI’s technical consulting work is done in collaboration with Allied Mineral Laboratories (AML), a subsidiary of TZMI. AML specialises in resource assessment and flowsheet development for mineral sands, iron ore and other heavy mineral deposits. Extensive laboratory and pilot scale equipment allows for evaluation and side-by-side performance comparisons of various mineral sands processing equipment options. In conjunction with AML, TZMI is able to test mineral sands samples from run of mine (ROM) ore all the way through to saleable mineral products.

AML’s pilot plant is capable of processing up to tens of tonnes ROM samples and is equipped with a full range of both wet and dry processing equipment. As an independent facility, AML will test samples on any alternative equipment to meet client requirements. While much of the equipment at the laboratory has proven successful in processing minerals sands it has also recently been determined that the equipment presents a definite advantage over more traditional equipment for the processing of other heavy minerals such as fine iron ore, tantalite and gold.

Flowsheet Development

In association with Allied Mineral Laboratories (AML), TZMI provides flowsheet development for mineral sands, iron ore and other heavy mineral deposits. As an independent test facility, AML’s focus is on developing the best flowsheet for the specific resource, independent of the brand of equipment.  AML uses the latest in operational practice and flowsheet configuration to provide the client with the best possible outcome for its resource. The technical team at AML has operational and technical experience in the minerals sands production industry in six continents, including almost every individual producing field in the world. Its principal and senior technical personnel have combined experience of over 100 years dedicated to the mineral sands industry.