Technical & Engineering

Our team of specialists with diverse experience in nearly all titanium mineral and TiO2 pigment operations around the world are able to provide technical and engineering services for all aspects of the global titanium and zirconium industries, including: technical reviews and audits, resource assessments, flowsheet development; feasibility studies and project development; competitive cost analyses; due diligence and risk analysis and hazard studies.

Markets & Strategic Services

Whether you are an established industry participant, potential new entrant or other parties interested in opaque mineral, metals and chemicals, TZMI can provide high quality market analysis and strategic advice. While our core expertise areas are: heavy mineral sands (ilmenite, rutile, leucoxene, slag, zircon, garnet, monazite and rare earths); TiO2 pigment; and zircon & titanium chemicals and metals, TZMI has performed many one off industry projects to discover the market dynamics for specific products where information is difficult to find.

With up-to-date data; informative industry analysis; advice on mergers and acquisitions; market assessments; market research; due diligence studies; independent expert reports, we can help you understand and broaden your knowledge of the various sectors of the industries and sectors and the impact on the global marketplace.