TZ Minerals International Pty Ltd (TZMI) is a global, independent consulting and publishing company which specialises in all aspects of the mineral sands, titanium dioxide and coatings industries.
We work with a wide range of global clients to provide insight and expert advice on opaque mineral, metal and chemical sectors.
Our clients range from the world’s 500 largest companies through to mid-sized companies and small businesses.
Operating since 1994, and with a worldwide presence, TZMI’s strength is a result of our extensive practical experience across all elements of the titanium, zirconium, TiO2 pigment and related industries. It also stems from a comprehensive and unique database, which has been built up over many years.

TZMI can assist you with:

  • Understanding the titanium and zirconium value chains, from a marketing or technical perspective
  • Mining studies and reports
  • Processing studies and reports
  • Beneficiated products studies and reports
  • Market reports and periodicals

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