Titanium Metal

Titanium metal is the fourth most common structural metal in use. It is made from titanium feedstock and is sought for its corrosion-resistance properties, which make it resilient against mineral acids, aqueous alkali and halogen gases.

Stages in the traditional titanium manufacturing process

  • Processing titanium feedstock into titanium sponge or powder
  • Melting titanium sponge with scrap and alloys to produce ingots and slabs
  • Intermediate milling of ingots and/or slabs to make billets, bar, plates etc
  • Engineering components by forging, casting and/or machining
  • Fabrication of titanium products

Basic titanium metal processing involves extraction, purification, sponge production and alloy creation.

Forms of titanium metal products include:

  • Titanium sponge
  • Unwrought titanium products
  • Titanium milled/wrought products
  • Titanium powder
  • Titanium scrap
  • Ferro-titanium